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The LOLLINI catalog:


Themes Associes catalog  

... is available!

(surrounding Space topics) are :

Poles Polar Expeditions, International Geophysical Year (AGI) and French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF),

Astronomers history of astronomy,

Atom and Physicists year of physics 2005,

Stars and Observatories - Quiet Sun Year,

Meteorology weather forecasting and sounding balloons,

Precursors and pre-space rockets.

This new catalog is a fund of information, the ideal addition to the SPACE CONQUEST catalog. It is in full color.

160 pages, pictures of staps and blocs.

The selling prices are shown in 3 currencies : Euro, US$, Yen.

We added all the new issues, and corrected and enhanced information about older stamps.

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Here is a sample page of the inside of the Themes Associes catalog :

page of catalog Themes Associes

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