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the flag of the country GUINEA Conakry

GUINEA Conakry

Data di uscita: 1 Mar. 2011.-
Tiratura: 600 campione
1 Valori dentellato
Tipo: Foglietti
modo du stampa: offset
Larghezza (millimetri): 130
Altezza (millimetri): 92

Descrizione : Hommage to President Kennedy, Mercury Program.
Portrait, stars and stripes flag and Mercury capsule entry UPSIDE DOWN.

ATTENTION - this stamp shows a big error. The Mercury spaceship is shown nose down with what looks like fire/plasma tail like an atmospheric re-entry. Hopefully such a catastrophic behavior never hapened! The heat shield is at the bottom of the capsule, the nose is not protected, as pictured the event would be destruction and death of pilot.

Informazione valore :
10485 GUI 1 B    45000fr polychrome
Yvert  : Bloc 1198
Michel : Block 1932


Parole chiave : #Astronauti, #Bandiera, #Capsule, #Kennedy, #Nave spaziale.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 09/04/2013 @ 19h15

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illustration of chapter gagarine - 50 anni from our albumCapitolo Spazio :
10485 GUI 1 B
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  the stamp 10485 GUI 1 B
10485 GUI 1 B

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