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the flag of the country MAURITANIA


Issued: Oct. 14, 1986.-
1 Value perforate
Kind: Souvenir Sheet ( 1 value illustrated )
Printing method: offset

Description : 20th anniversary of Apollo 11, 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, Armstrong and American flag.

Values informations :
9000 MRI 1 B    100um polychrome
Yvert  : Bloc 50
Michel : Block 65
Scott : 608

This will be featured in a future Space Revue.

Keyword(s) : #Armstrong, #Astronaut, #Famous man, #Flags, #Moon and probes, #Planet.

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illustration of chapter apollo 11 (20 years) from our albumSpace chapter :
9000 MRI 1 B
 Album Page :
 1574  .

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album page of stamps album page of stamp page number _1574__ from album espace to collect stamps album page of stamp
album page of stamps album page of stamp

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  the stamp 9000  MRI 1 B
9000 MRI 1 B

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