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the flag of the country DOMINICA


Date of issue: Dec. 31, 1999.-
Printed: 3000 units
17 Values perforate
Kind: Sheetlet ( x values illustrated )
Printing method: offset

Size :
Width (millimeters): 160
Height (millimeters): 228

Informations : Millennium 1940-1949, sheetlet of 17 stamps, mostly red, US atomic experiments.

Values informations :
atome DOM  3    55c Pearl Harbor
atome DOM  4    55c Churchill 
atome DOM  5    55c TV 
atome DOM  6    55c Anne Frank
atome DOM  7    55c D-Day 
atome DOM  8    55c Yalta 
atome DOM  9    55c UN
atome DOM 10    55c Genocide 
atome DOM 11    55c Berlin
atome DOM 12    55c Eniac 
atome DOM 13    55c India 
atome DOM 14    55c Transistor 
atome DOM 15    55c Ghandi 
atome DOM 16    55c Israel
atome DOM 17    55c Berlin Airlift 
atome DOM 18    55c Atomic bomb test in New Mexico 
atome DOM 19    55c Great Wall of China and Mao
Yvert :
Michel : 2779/2795
Scott : 2186

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Space Revue: 02 - 2005

Keyword(s) : Aviation, Boat, Famous man, Flags, Monument.

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  the stamp atome DOM 18
atome DOM 18 - picture maybe enhanced ?
the stamp atome DOM 3/19 C
atome DOM 3/19 C - picture maybe enhanced ?

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