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the flag of the country RUSSIA


Date of issue: Jan. 10, 2005.-
Printed: 200000 units
1 Value perforate
Kind: Stamp
Printing method: offset

Size :
Width (millimeters): 41
Height (millimeters): 28

Informations : Smolensk, birthplace of Yuri Gagarin; monument with the hero of space in front of the church of the city.

Values informations :
10378 RUS 5     5 Roubles Pol.
Yvert :
Michel : 1226
Scott : 6876

Stamp Designer : V. Glushenko

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Space Revue: 05 - 2005

Keyword(s) : Animal Wildlife, Art, Aviation, Cosmonaut, Famous man, Gagarine, Monument.

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illustration of chapter baikonur (60 years) from our albumSpace chapter :
10378 RUS 5 
 Album Page :
 3044  .

album page of stamps album page of stamp
album page of stamps album page of stamp page number _3044__ from album espace to collect stamps album page of stamp
album page of stamps album page of stamp

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  the stamp 10378 RUS 5
10378 RUS 5 - picture maybe enhanced ?

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