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the flag of the country KOREA (NORTH)


Data di uscita: 10 Avril 1981.-
2 Valori 
Tipo: Serie

Perforazione: mai dentellato
modo du stampa: offset

Descrizione : Football World Cup and Concorde.

Informazione valore :
concorde CNO 21 A    20ch polychrome
concorde CNO 22 A    30ch polychrome
Yvert  : PA14/15
Michel : 2090/2091
Scott : 2066/2067

Earlier Space Revue item.

Parole chiave : #Football.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 22/05/2008 @ 11h20

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theme CONCORDE concorde theme
 Album Pagine :
 217  .

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  the stamp concorde CNO 22 A
concorde CNO 22 A

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