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the flag of the country NIGER REPUBLIC


Issued: Dec. 1, 1998.-
Printed: 50 units
9 Values perforate
Kind: Sheetlet ( x values illustrated )
Printing method: offset
Width (mm): 144
Height (mm): 195

Description : Events of 20th Century. Star Wars motion picture. 9 different unissued Niger stamps.

Values informations :
10100 NIG 83   375fr Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn
10100 NIG 84   375fr Queen Amidala
10100 NIG 85   375fr Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi
10100 NIG 86   375fr War of the Clones,
                     Astromech R2-D2
10100 NIG 87   375fr Dark Jedi, Sith warrior
10100 NIG 88   375fr Extraterrestrial Jarjar
10100 NIG 89   375fr infant Anakin Skywaker 
10100 NIG 90   375fr Pod race course on Tatoine
10100 NIG 91   375fr Sebulba competitor

SPACE REVUE : 12 - 2017

Keyword(s) : #Alien, #Animal Wildlife, #Art, #Cinema, #Curiosity - Humor, #Rocket, #Science-fiction, #Star Wars.

Last modified: 12/06/2017 @ 12h09

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availablepurchase this item 10100 NIG 83/91 C 39,-  

illustration of chapter millennium - 20th century from our albumSpace chapter :
10100 NIG 83/91 C
 Album Page :

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the stamp 10100 NIG 83/91 C
10100 NIG 83/91 C

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