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Date of issue: Feb. 28, 2017.-
Printed: 600 units
5 Values perforate
Kind: Sheetlet ( x values illustrated )
Printing method: offset

Informations : The Concorde, Sheetlet of 4 stamps and souvenir sheet.

Values informations :
sheetlet of 4:
concorde TOG 50/53 C    900fr x 4 timbres
               Concorde en vol et sur tarmac

souvenir sheet:
concorde TOG 54 B      3500fr Vues du Concorde
Yvert :
Michel :
Scott :

Stamp Designer : 

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very low stockpurchase this item concorde TOG 50/54 C 15,-   17.10  1920 
stock 2 informationpurchase this item concorde TOG 50/54 F 20,-   22.80  2560 

Space Revue: -

Keyword(s) : Aviation.

Last modified: 04/13/2017 @ 06h26

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  the stamp concorde TOG 50/53 C
concorde TOG 50/53 C - picture maybe enhanced ?
the stamp concorde TOG 54 B
concorde TOG 54 B - picture maybe enhanced ?
the stamp concorde TOG Detail
concorde TOG Detail - picture maybe enhanced ?

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