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the flag of the country CONGO REPUBLIC


Issued: Feb. 26, 2018.-
Printed: 100 units
4 Values imerforate non-dentelé ND IMPERFORATE
Kind: Sheetlet ( x values illustrated )
Printing method: offset

Description : Successful first flight of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket to Mars. Elon Musk’s Tesla sports car in the nose cone of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. SpaceX Falcon Heavy logo on the sheetlet.

Values informations :
souvenir sheets:
10568 COF 1 B       2000fr Portrait Elon Musk,
                          Roadster et nouvelle fusée
10568 COF 2 B       2000fr Voiture et astronaute.
		  Voiture dans coiffe pour lancement

sheetlet of 2:
10568 COD 3/4 C    2000fr x 2 timbres réunis en
                      sheetlet vignette logo mission

SPACE REVUE : 05 - 2018

Keyword(s) : #Car, #Deep space, #Famous man, #Mars and probes, #Rocket.

Last modified: 05/03/2018 @ 16h07

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very low stockpurchase this item 10568 COF 1/4 CA 29,-  
stock 2 informationpurchase this item 10568 COF 1/4 F 22,-  
stock 2 informationpurchase this item 10568 COF 1/4 FA 35,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10568 COF 1/4 C 17,-  

illustration of chapter falcon heavy mars from our albumSpace chapter :
10568 COF 1/4 CA
 Album Page :

theme ETOILES etoile theme
 Album Page :

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the stamp 10568 COF 1 BA
10568 COF 1 BA

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the stamp 10568 COF 2 BA
10568 COF 2 BA
the stamp 10568 COD 3/4 CA
10568 COD 3/4 CA
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