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On July 12 2000: 1st day of issue of stamp LOLLINI!

Space Lollini, has always been specialist in the Collection of space stamps. But it is also an entreprise of stamps creation, well known in the world.

Thus the stamps of Monaco of May 17, 1965 (35 years already) for centennary of the U.I.T. were drawn by Bernard Lollini, the head of Lollini Space.

Recently, Alexandre Lollini, started to design new stamps using software, he is computer graphics designer, thus created 167 stamps for various countries like Guinea or Bhutan.

Signatures du stamp par Alexandre Lollini et Bernard Lollini.

It is for this world exposure that Gambia required of him to create a series of originals stamps on the thema :
" To explore the invisible".

The 1st day of issue took place on July 12th 2000. Alexandre Lollini, in front of a large assembly, has presented his sheetlet of 6 stamps then took part in a meeting of autograph.

The sheetlet presented belongs tothe omnibus : MILLENIUM .

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