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III / On July 12th 2000: Signatures of the Artists!

EACH DAY - the US Post office organized a confernce where was presented the new stamps. And this, in the presence of persons in charge of the US post office and members of NASA, 5 astronauts, of which Walter Schirra, Readdy William and Ivins Marsha. 500 people attended at each one of these conferences.

It is in this prestigious place -the brand new Convention Center d' Anaheim, splendid palace of glass- that the Lollini Editions had been invited to dedicate their last creations, the 3 complete set of Bhutan and one of Gambia. (Opposite : Stamp of Gambia with Bernard and Christiane Lollini).

Organized on July 12, in the same room uses by the US Stations Alexandre and Bernard Lollini jointly signed this new GAMBIA sheetlet, dedicated to "Explore the invisible", astronomy "X" by the Chandra satellites, XMM Newton, Rosat, Exosat etc... in framing, the launcher ARIANE 5 putting into orbit the XMM.

Below, queue for the session of Lollini signatures. Father and Son, side by side, answered the multiple questions of extremely impassioned American philatlists.



The Giant of Glass : The Convention Center!



Queue For the Artist Signature : Alexandre Lollini

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