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the flag of the country MADAGASCAR


Issued: Nov. 1, 2021.-
Printed: 50 units
9 Values imerforate non-dentelé ND IMPERFORATE
Kind: Sheetlet ( x values illustrated )
Printing method: offset
Width (mm): 148
Height (mm): 209

Description : United Nations WFP, Famine catastrophe in Madagascar. Concorde solar Eclipse stamps with overprint of new value of 6000 ARIARY. 35th anniversary of visit to 2 comets by ESA GIOTTO probe and 50th anniversary of first flight of Concorde.

Values informations :
sheetlet of 9    6000a sur 400a:
10665 MAD 10     Comet and flight over Europe
10665 MAD 11     Flight over New York at sunset
10665 MAD 12     Flight over the Pyrenees
10665 MAD 13     Flight over bridge of New York
10665 MAD 14     On tarmac
10665 MAD 15     Eclipse 1973 and flight over Mauritania
10665 MAD 16     Flight over Normandy
10665 MAD 17     Breaking the sound barrier
10665 MAD 18     Flight over Greenland

Stamp Designer : Bernard et Alexandre Lollini

SPACE REVUE : 06 - 2022

Keyword(s) : #Ariane, #Art, #Aviation, #Deep space, #Halley, #LOLLINI (design), #Rocket, #Stones in the sky.

Last modified: 06/09/2022 @ 20h06

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very low stockpurchase this item 10665 MAD 10/18 CA 25,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10665 MAD 10/18 C 17,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10665 MAD 10/18 F 18,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10665 MAD 1/9 F 19,-  
stock 2 informationpurchase this item 10665 MAD 10/18 FA 26,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10665 MAD 1/9  17,-  

illustration of chapter giotto 35 years - concorde 50 ans from our albumSpace chapter :
10665 MAD 10/18 CA
 Album Page :

theme ETOILES etoile theme
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theme CONCORDE concorde theme
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the stamp 10665 MAD 10/18 CA
10665 MAD 10/18 CA

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