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the flag of the country BRITISH ANTARCTIC TERRITORY


Issued: Mar. 19, 1988.-
4 Values perforate
Kind: Complete Set
Printing method: offset

Description : 30th anniversary of Sputnik 1 and the International Geophysical Year.

Values informations :
8681 ABR 5    10p aurore boréale
8681 ABR 6    24p avion
8681 ABR 7    29p tir fusée sonde
8681 ABR 8    58p crevasse
Yvert  : 168/171
Michel : 148/151
Scott : 145/148

Item in a Catalogue.

Keyword(s) : #Ariane, #Comet, #Satellite.

Last modified: 07/16/2008 @ 14h58

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availablepurchase this item 8681 ABR 5/8  5,-   4.25 

illustration of chapter sputnik 1 - 30 years from our albumSpace chapter :
8681 ABR 5/8 
 Album Page :
 1491  .

album page of stamps album page of stamp
album page of stamps album page of stamp page number _1491__ from album espace to collect stamps album page of stamp
album page of stamps album page of stamp

theme POLES pole theme
 Album Page :

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the stamp 8681  ABR 5
8681 ABR 5 - picture enhanced ?

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