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Here are details about a :
Space commemorative cover
or Space Cover.

the flag of USA
Cosmodrom : USA

Date of Cancellation: Aug. 24, 1981
Kind of Event : Tracking
Launch pad : USA Pasadena (CA)
habité?/manned?: robot
Mission type : Deep Space

ou?/where?: au sol - ground
autographe?: non - none

Description : Lapetus and end of photos by Voyager 2. oone of the stranger moons of Saturn. Its density is similar to that of Rhea, indicating that it has a small allotment of rocky materials. Its leading side is dark with a slight reddish color while its trailing side is bright. The dark surface might be composed of matter that was either swept up from space or oozed from the moon’s interior. The real reason is still unknown. The dark material might be a thin layer of organic material perhaps similar to the complex substances found in the most primitive meteorites. However, there are no bright rimed craters present on the dark hemisphere. If the dark material is thin, it must be constantly renewed since a meteor impact would punch through the layer to reveal brighter surface material.

Keyword(s) :
#Deep space,
#Moon and probes,
#Stones in the sky,

This is OUTSIDE of a Space Revue.

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ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1553  12,-   13.08 
ask if availablepurchase this item Woo  371   8,-   8.72 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1552   12,-   13.08 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1557 L  16,-   17.44 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1554   12,-   13.08 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1555 L  16,-   17.44 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1559   6,-   6.54 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1560   6,50  7.09 
ask if availablepurchase this item USA 1561   8,-   8.72 

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enveloppe USA 1553 - cover USA 1553
USA 1553 - picture enhanced ?

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