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Here are details about a :
Space commemorative cover
or Space Cover.

the flag of USA
Cosmodrom : USA

Date of Cancellation: May 25, 2012
Printed: 350 units
Kind of Event : Docking
Launch pad : USA KSC (FL)
habité?/manned?: robot
Mission type : Cargo - Freight

ou?/where?: au sol - ground
autographe?: non - none

Description : Cover showing the mission’s COTS 3 phase beginning on 25 May, when Dragon rendezvoused again with the ISS and then was successfully captured using the Canadarm2. It was berthed to the station later that day, using the robotic arm. Dragon stayed for almost six days during which the astronauts unloaded cargo, and then reloaded Dragon with Earth-bound cargo.
Korolev (Russia) post stamp.

Keyword(s) :
#Space station,

SPACE REVUE : 10 - 2012

Last modified: 02/10/2015 @ 12h48

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very low stockpurchase this item USA 2945   8,-  

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enveloppe ba 1295 B - USA 2945 A - cover ba 1295 B - USA 2945 A
ba 1295 B - USA 2945 A

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