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Lollini Chronicle

1939 : Oreste and Anaïs Lollini begin with a Philately store in Toulon, with, as speciality the Zeppelin balloons, aviation, astronomers and Polar exploration

1957 : Their son Bernard begins to work with them. Quickly, his passion for aviation veers towards Space with the arrival of Sputnik, which gives the real inspiration for the SPACE collection.

1962 : The catalog texts and the albums are molten on a machine with lead and printed on presses.

1972 : The end of the Gutenberg lead type, to be replaced by multipoint IBM and a small Offset.

1973 : One June 30, the supersonic Concorde, at its maximum speed, serves as an observatory of the Total Solar Eclipse, by which the duration of observation is more than doubled, thanks to its 2400km/h and to its immense operating range. It is thus the second plane (after X-15) to enter the history of space.

1984 : Macintosh ! Ouf! All appears simpler, but it is necessary to enter all the information of the catalogs.

1993 : Arrival of our collaborator Mr Guy Blanc.


July 1996 : The 3rd generation of Lollini, Alexandre deals more particularly with the graphics side on Mac and Amiga (see pictures ).

Feb 1996 : We now work on color laser press, online with the Mac.

May 1996 : First catalog in full color about the French-British supersonic CONCORDE.

Feb1997 : The 19th edition of catalog CONQUETE DE L’ESPACE is printed! Full color.

March 1997 : First account of Alexandre.

June 1997 : Here we are, the Website opens!

October 1998 : The catalog C.O.S.M.O.S. 8th edition is out!

June 1999 : The catalog THEMES ASSOCIES is out! Topics related to Space such as: Atom, Astronomers, Stars and Observatories, Meteorology, Polar and Precursors.

October 1999 : Special Website "CONCORDE 3D" !!

FUTURE Projects :

- Improve the Lollini ONLINE SHOP to enable you to get each new issue, the minute we have it in stock.

- Concorde Catalog 3rd edition, for 2004.

- Albums : Improvement, modernization and updating, every six months.

- Try to reach customer expectation.


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