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Millenium 2000, Odissée de l'Espace:


The First Space Success!

First set of ESPACE LOLLNI for Antigua and homage at the first space success. THe first age, when all was about to be created :


Spoutnik 1: 4 Oct.1957. 1st artificial satellite of the Earth.

Explorateur 1: 31 Jan.1958. 1st American artificial satellite of the Earth built by W. Von Braun.

Lunik 1: 2 Janv. 1959. 1st shot toward the Moon & 1st artificial planet of the Sun.

Ranger 7: 28 Juillet 1964. 1st photo of the Moon ground by NASA, map-making of the Moon preparing Apollo missions.

Mariner 4: 27 Novembre 1964. (start) 1st Photo-Mission to Mars flyby at 8500 Km the 14th July 1965 (the probe passes the planet)

Mars Express 2003: (FUTURE) co-operation ESA-NASA, returning to Earth samples of the Mars ground using on board BEAGLE recoverable ground drones.

On the frame of sheetlet 1 :

flight of Korolev's rocket, with the 1st Cosmonaut on board. The rocket is carrying the VOSTOK 1 capsule to the Earth orbit.

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