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Millenium 2000, Odissée de l'Espace:



First set of ESPACE LOLLNI for GAMBIA ...


ESSA 8: 15 Dec. 1968. 1st Weather Satellite Nasa linked to 50 countries of the O.M.M..

ECHO 1: 12 August 1960. 1st telecommunication Satellite, reflexion of the radio waves on the surface of a huge (40m diameter) inflatable metallic balloon.

TOPEX POSEIDON: 10 August 1992. 1st European Satellite to study oceans, launched from Kourou on Ariane rocket, flight number V52.

DIADEME 8: 21st French Satellite of geological study, with on board laser reflectors. Launched from Hammaguir (Sahara) by a Diamant rocket.

EARLY BIRD: 6 April 1965. 1st business communication Satellite located between Europe and USA in geostationary orbit.

MOLNYA 22: 22 August 1964 1st Soviet telecommunication Satellite highly excentric orbital path which alternately cover high and low orbits.

On the frame of sheetlet 1 :

To understand our Universe and to seek out new worlds we must continualy use bigger telescopes and radiotelescope, it's easy to imagine a space observatory with a 25 m telescope and a 300 m radio antenna. Here it is : a huge space station entirely built in orbit.

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