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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:




LUNIK IV: April 2 1963 4TH Moon probe of Russian, turn around (not orbit) the Moon the 6 April 1963

CLEMENTINE: Jan. 1994 Nasa Lightweight Moon probe for cartography and weather research.

LUNA XII: Oct. 22 1966 Russian satellite of the Moon, in orbit for a long time, Photos of surface and measure X-Ray of Moon.

LUNA XVI: Sept. 12 1970 First return to the Earth of lunar stones and dust samples by cybernetic remote Moon probe.

EAGLE LEM: 17 July 1969 First contact with moon and Mission Logo, "Eagle has landed"

RANGER VII: Jan. 30 1964 First Photos of the Moon by Nasa programme

On the frame of sheetlet 1 :

FUTURE Specialised Moon probe for exploration of the whole of the Moon, this Moon Shuttle is imagined by Werner Von Braun for an easy exploration and transportation over the Moon, Ñ On the Surface remain SURVEYOR III lauched April 18 1967 and visited by Astronauts of Apollo 12 mission.

SOUVENIR SHEET : APOLLO XIII April 11 1970 Explosion in Space - Apollo 13 while on route to the moon has major disaster Oxygen tank in main spacecraft rupture on April 13 1970.

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