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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:




SAKIGAKE: August 19 1985 Japan satellite launched from UCHINOURA

GIOTTO: July 2 1985 First Scientific Esa satellite

VEGA 1/2: 1Dec. 15 and June 14 1985 2 USSR satellite for Halleys'Comet, encountered March 9 and May 15 1986.

ROSETTA: FUTURE ESA Project Launch at Kourou Space Center by Ariane 5, in 2003.

I.U.E.: Jan. 26 1978 International Ultraviolet.

PIONEER VENUS: Dec 26 1985 Around Venus, Nasa satellite is re-activated by signal sent to Pioneer Venus Orbiter, to point it to Halley's Comet.

On the frame of sheetlet 2 :

STELLAR EXPEDITION FUTURE - WSN NOSTROMO - Others Solar system, Double stars and multiple star systems. - Expansion of Earth and Mankind.


PEGASUS Feb. 16th 1965 experiment using 2nd stage of SATURN 5 APOLLO rocket to study and detect micro meteoritic activity and problems it may cause to manned Moon missions.

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