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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:




AMSAT IIIC:June 15 1988 Satellite of Amsat Organisation.

SRET 1: April 4 1972 French satellite launched in USSR by Korolev Rocket.

INSPECTOR:Oct. 5 1997 Start from Baikonour - Carried in orbit by Progress M 36, Inspector launched during the separation MIR-PROGRESS Dec.15 1997.

STARDUST:Feb. 7 1999 and FUTURE RETURN ON THE EARTH in Utah in Jan. 2006 with sample of Comets Wild Dust from its tail

TEMISAT: August 31 1993 Italian satellite lauched in USSR at "secret" and military launching center of Plessetsk

ARSENE: May 12 1993 Satellite of Amsat Organisation, ( Radio-amateur ) launched on ARIANE 42L (Code V. 56 with ASTRA 1 C Satellite) 1 launch of powerful ARIANE 42 L with 2 boosters Liquid H202

On the frame of sheetlet 2 :

ROCKET of KOROLEV - 1957-TODAY powerful rocket created by Sergue' Korolev, named "The Constructor" - Spoutnik 1 and Gagarine are put in orbit by Korolev system, very simple engines grouped by 4, total 5x4 engines. IN USE TODAY, Korolev rocket is often used to launch multiple small satellites and probe at the same time, its long experience, its optimisations, make it a very reliable rocket.


ARIANE 24 Dec. 1979 to Today - European Space Agency Launcher Family. 4 differents versions (Ariane I, II, III et IV) - following boosters, 6 different ARIANE 4 models are possible In the S/S, a ARIANE 42 P with 2 solid propellents.

CLEMENTINE Dec. 3 1999 Military French micro-satellite, launched by ARIANE 40 on launch V.124 on polar orbit - 47Kg Weight, study of Earth electromagnetic environment.

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