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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:



The subjects in the series "MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION" from Madagascar have been chosen, starting from the drawings of the 1st upgrade 2000 from the Concorde Album, and from the re-edition of Volume 1 Concorde , now in full colour. It was the occasion to test the 3D computer model of Concorde created in summer 1999 by Alexandre Lollini. Our workshops are now equipped so as to represent the concorde in ANY CONFIGURATION AT ALL so as to illustrate your albums, or be able to create postage stamps.


Flight over EUROPE : A magnificent view of the European continent flown over by concorde.

NEW YORK : The ultimate aim, the flight for which the Concorde was optimized.

THE PYRENEES : A picture that inspired the guinea golden stamp in 1976.

THE ECLIPSE 1973 : A turning point in the life of the concorde. A flying observatory above the African continent.

GREENLAND : A land of ice between two continents.

THE SOUND BARRIER : A sound phenomenon, normally invisible except under particular meteorological conditions. A computer visualisation of the phenomenon is now possible. Graphic attempt for the space Magazine Lollini, October 1999.

NORMANDY : The Normandy coast seen from above and from the english side.

NEW YORK : A low flight, but what a beautiful picture.

EUROPE : A magnificient view of the continent flown over by Concorde.


SPACE, the last eclipse of the century, Halley's comet and the 30th Birthday of the Supersonic Concorde. The double flight of the French and English supersonics, in order to follow the eclipse of the century, in August 1999.

In the lower part, a good example of what 3D pictures can realise : the texte " Concorde 2000" stuck like a skin onto the Concorde fuselage.

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