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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:

Einstein's existence has had important implications in the C20; his coming to the west during the 2nd world war slowed down nazi germany in its nuclear resarch, and, his action in USA contribuated to the US governments realisation of the importance of nuclear weapons.

As terrible as it was, it put an end to a war that was just as terrible, and for 50 years allowed a beneficial pause between the USSR and the west; the governments of the world having more than enough reason to avoid transforming our planet into a radioactive hell.


On the frame of the sheetlet :

4 Stamps on Einstein 's life:

- Einstein in a close up (1953);

- Relaxation on a bicycle;

- Einstein taking the oath;

- Einstein younger.

Frame of the sheetlet,We have andeavoured to illustrate the spatial implications of Einsteins work.

The Earth and Nucler explosions : The atomic mushroom cloud, consequences of American and Soviet nuclear testing in the athmosphere.

Detection satellites : VELA HOTEL : the American space probes capable of detecting any nuclear reaction from earth's orbit, even those carried out underground; launched by groupes G6 or 8 by TITAN rockets from Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg.

APOLLO XI The famous NASA lunar installations which for many years continued to inform Earth about the lunar ground and its environment.

APOLLO XIII The desintegration of the atomic generator of APPOLO Ôs LEM, in the Earth's atmosphere, after it had contribuated to saving the lives of 3 pilots.

HEAO Satellite A series of satellites of which the 3rd was named Einstein, observing the sky in the area of gamma and cosmic rays.

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