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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:




MARS 4 21 July 1973. Mars flyby attempted Mars orbiter, extreme velocity for quick Earth/Mars travel. Prepares quadruple Launch Mars 4/7.

MARS WATER FUTUR Mars Orbiter Water mission, Pioneer Class Inner Planet Missions. Search for life forms and water on Mars.

MARS 1 1st Nov 1962. Ussr Satellite, First launch for Mars. Contact lost after 52 Millions of Km.

VIKING 1 20 August 1975. Start at KSC for Bi-centenial United States view : Mars Lander during entry in the Mars atmosphere the, 20 July 1976 Study of mars ground by lander, search for life, planet mapping from orbit by Viking Orbiter.

Mariner 6 25 Feb 1969. Mars Flyby 5 months voyage, arrived on Mars 31 July 1969 TV picture show.

Mariner 7 27 Mar 1969. Mars Flyby on Polar trajectory, arrived August 5th 1969.

Mars survivor 2001 ORBITER FUTURE Orbiter Martian satellite.

On the frame of sheetlet 1 :

PHOBOS 1 and 2 July 7 1988 and July 12 1988 Attempted Mars Orbiter/Phobos landers international Mars Mission, french and russian experiments, projex of penetrator on Phobos satellite - Experiment DION of Austria, Laser probe for study of composition of moon. Launched at Baikonour Space Center


MARS OBSERVER 5 Sep 1992 Launch at KSC - Attempted Mars Orbiter - Contact Lost during the travel, near Mars. FUTURE First human step on Mars, International mission with Esa, Nasa organisation.

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