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Our prices :

Most of the time stamp's and cover's prices are shown without postage, it is a simple translation between currencies.

If an order of stamps and enveloppes amount is greater than euro 150 the postage is free. For smaller amount we study the postage for each order separately by hand, just for you.

Now we use EURO, prices in other currencies are only indicative, real bill amount WILL vary according to the bourse.

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Our prices are based on euro, other currencies shown are only additional information and are approximation.

We accept payment in EURO and US$.

We may accept payment in other currencies, but all additional tax or fees, will be added to the bill in this case.

The amount of the bill is calculated at the time written, and so may be diffrent from a total shown on the web if not in EURO.

Also postage is not included and rely on your country and mass of each parcel.

in a Hurry?

We send using the post office, BUT if you need festest delivery, we can use CHRONOPOST or UPS. These services can deliver worldwide in less than 7 days.

We can use them if you ask for a quick delivery, and the bill will contain details about this.

We accept these credit cards :

General conditions :

Subscribers : Settlement as soon as the invoice is received. The invoice is traveling at the customer own risk. The goods are owned by EspaceLollini until full settlement. - If the settlement is not done, all the taxes and fees have to be paid by the customer, the Nice-France's Tribunal is the only one agreed to judge. - If you are subscriber you must pay the goods sent by subscription. If you want to stop subscription, you must write us one month in advance.

Errors or problem : the bill of the product must be included, also 30 days after delivery it is too late.

New custommer : Settlement with order, each order must come with its payment.

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