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Space Revue

It is the "trait d’union entre les astrophilatélistes du monde entier." the link between astrophilatelists from all around the world.

It is a modest monthly magazine but still in full color :12 or 16 pages but it should be bigger in the future. (now 20)

You will find the description of the latest new issues in stamps from around the world with their photo in color, always on the following topics: Space, Concorde, Comets etc...

In mint, block souvenir-sheet (BL) and:

- IMPERFORATED (ND) : AN old French tradition taking its source at the time of Ceres and Napoleon III, each newstamp being drawn in 500 specimens.

- DELUXE PROOF (EL): In the quality tradition of French engraving, each stamp printed individually on a small leaf in original colors. Quantity printed : less than 25 copies.

- COLLECTIVE SHEET (D) : the French postal administration attaches great importance to the quality of its productions. Hardcopy 200. Treat yourself to an exceptional collection. .

We show envelopes (covers) commemorating a space event classified by site of launching:

We present all that we find again, on the topic of Space : pin’s, mission patches, FDC booklets, post cards... And often old and rare stamps which had disappeared...

On our site you can have an overview of this philatelic topicality.

The last page we call Space NEWS. Wetry to summarize the latest News, to show what is happening in Space and on the Earth for rare philatelic editions based on thesubject of Space.

How to subscribe ?

Any order of stamps or covers gives you 3 free months of SPACE REVUE.

Our Space Revue is aviable by E-mail, in PDF.
To receive it as soon as it is done our SPACE REVUE next generation join our mailing list now:

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If you want to receive it first, and on a tight shedule for one year = 12 SPACE REVUES, you can subscribe for one year :

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You may also download previous space revues :

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