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This page will help you to understand the Lollini’s References.


LOLLINI’S Catalogues Abbreviations

AR          Ariane
ALBUM P. or Alb.      Album page Number
BF or Bl.   Souvenir sheet or Sheetlet
ND          Imperforated
EL          Deluxe Proof
J.O.        Olympic Games
Pol.        Polychrome
SR          retrospective set
Sat.        Satellite
Surch.      Overprint or Surcharge
Télécom.    Telecommunication
T. or Tir.  Quantity Issued
Trip.       Triptych
Val.        Value count
FDC         stamp on First day cover
M.          Michel Numbers
Y.          Numbers Yvert
Y. Pa.      Yvert&Tellier Air Mail
Jan.        January
Fév.        February
Sept.       September
Oct.        October
Nov.        November
Déc.        December

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