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Personalized Services.

We are fond of space technology and philately, so we manage collections about Space conquest.

For 60 years the Lollini family has dealt with helping the collectors to find stamps and covers to build their Space collections.

For that we publish our catalogs and our albums, and we provide you in our huge stock the majority of the stamps and the existing covers in the world.

But ALAS, philately has this charm and this difficulty: lot of stamps are rare, even if they do not have a very great value they are extremely difficult to find. We have the experience, the contacts in the whole world for 60 years to find what you seek.

As of your first command, you have right free has this service completely personalized and single in the world, on each command all the exhausted stamps, rare or simply absents of our stock; are required for one period that you can fix, as you wish them.

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