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Millenium 2000, A Space Odyssey :


- SHEETLET 1st set
MILLENIUM 2000 - a space odyssey. FROM SKY TO SPACE.
- L'Odyssée de l'Espace - DU CIEL à l'ESPACE


For that complete set of Bhutan, we have been given freedom to choose from all the stamps subjects. - It is the ideal way to work. Putting the complete set "MILLENIUM 2000" under one title, the specification was that 6 of 7 chosen satellites concerned space history and the other one the future of space. - It was a marvellous adventure for "ESPACE LOLLINI" as publishers.


US SHUTTLE 12 April 1981 1st re-
usable.Space Vehicle

X.15 28 June 1963 . - Astronaut Joe WALKER over 50 miles altitude, receives title of Astronaut like the Russian Cosmonauts from Federation International of Astronautics.

BOURANE 15 Nov. 1988 Similar to Buran in English US. Shuttle, powered by giant rocket ENERGIA for its 2nd Flight First flight Bourane entirely automatic.

HERMES FUTURE - French-Esa project for human flight powered by Ariane 5 rocket - perhaps used as escape capsule to ISS (international Space Station) similar to HOPE Shuttle.

X.33 2002 FUTURE - Ventury Star, Nasa project for complete reusable space vehicle for near Earth orbit. System of propulsion new and revolutionary.

HOPE 2004 FUTURE - Nippon shuttle for Japanese participation in the International Space Station.


MILLENIUM FLIGHT - Special flight of CONCORDE - 1st January 2000 over the Atlantic Ocean.
Paris-New York, First commercial Supersonic Flight of year 2000

NOTE : During each representation of an European satellite, there is the ESA logo on the Bhutan stamps with the kind authorization of the European Space Agency.

NOTE - The subjects presented are the original drawings. Slight differences concerning the text and its positioning could be result of by the security printing works.

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