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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:



TRAVEL OF VOYAGER 2 through JUPITER PLANETARY SYSTEM - from April 24th 1979 to July 9th 1979 - Fantastic pictures of major Jupiter satellites.


PLUTO 2003 PROJECT Study of last planet of Solar System, discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, little sounding probe. To the confine of solar system.

COMET HALE BOPP SATELLITE OF JUPITER CALISTO 4th moon discovered by Italian Astronomer Galileo during first utilisation of his astronomical telescope.

GALILEO Oct. 18th 1989 First Jupiter Observatory, In orbit around JUPITER and explorations of moons in Jupiter System.

ULYSSE Oct. 6th 1990 ESA-NASA Solar Observatory, To increase velocity, start from Jupiter and obtain gravitational effect.

PIONEER 11 April 5th 1973 Start from Kennedy Space Center, enter into Asteroid belt August 18th 1973. Good travel through and exit Mars 20 1974 - Arrival in Jupiter system Dec. 3rd 1974 - Travel Jupiter system and continue to SATURN.

VOYAGER 1 Sept. 6th 1977 Start from KSC - enter into Asteroid belt Dec 10 1977, Good travel and exit

PIONEER 10 March 3rd 1972 Start from KSC, enter into Asteroid belt July 15 1972, Good travel and exit.

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