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Millenium 2000,Odissée de l'Espace:

St Vincent



CASSINl Mission 15 Oct. 1997 to 25 June 2004 - FUTURE - 1st exploration of TITAN, satellite of Saturn, Cassini is the Nasa orbiter probe. Huygens is the ESA probe for Titan atmospheric exploration, and hope of landing

PIONEER 11 April 5 1973 Start at Kennedy Space Center, enter in Asteroid belt August 18 1973, Good travel and exit Mars 20 1974 - Enter in Jupiter system Dec. 3 1974

VOYAGER 1 Sept. 6 1977 Start of KSC - enter in Asteroid belt the Dec 10 1977, Good travel and exit August 3 1978 - Enter in Jupiter system Jan. 4 1979

HUYGENS 2003 FUTURE ESA TITAN landing module from CASSINI Nasa probe, will explore Titan, satellite of Saturn, study of Titan atmosphere, search for life.

DEEP SPACE IV CHAMPOLLION 2003 FUTURE Sounding probe of comet in the Solar System, vehicle in 2 parts, orbiter and comet lander. Will land on comet and return samples of comet to the Earth .

VOYAGER 2 August 20 1977 Start from KSC - exit Asteroid belt Sept 10 1978 - Enter in Jupiter system April 1979 Travel Jupiter system from June 25 to July 9 1979.

On the frame of sheetlet 2 :

SATURN Sept. 2 1979 PIONEER 11 approach to Saturne Planet - Planet Saturn and moons Encelade, Dione, Ariel.


STARDUST 7 Feb. 1999 TODAY and FUTURE - COMET'SOUNDING PROBE - Launched from KSC, Will be studied. DUST of Comet and returned to the Earth, Pictures of WILD 2 Comet on Jan. 1st 2004 - Return to Earth with samples on Jan. 16 2006.

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